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  • France, hot on the trail of volcanic ash

    To ensure the safety of air routes in the event of volcanic eruption, the French national meteorological service has just obtained the LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), a unique detection system in Europe.

  • Tesla S electric car takes on a Boeing 737

    A race between an airliner and an electric car is an unlikely duel Qantas organized a few days ago at an airport near Melbourne, Australia. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Egyptair: Skyjacking ends peacefully

    The skyjacker who diverted an Egyptair Airbus A320 on 29 March finally gave himself up on the Cyprus airport tarmac. The man, whose motives were personal, was wearing a fake explosives belt. Read the article.

  • Brussels terrorist attacks: a black day

    Early this morning, 22 March, Brussels airport and the city’s underground transportation system were bombed. The result of these terrorist attacks is heavy, with several tens of people having been killed. We review this black day.

  • Explosions at Brussels airport

    Two explosions occurred this morning around 8 am at Brussels Zaventem Airport. The airport is completely closed. There are victims, and the emergency services are at the scene. Watch the video and read the article.

  • French blue: France’s first low-cost long-haul

    On 15 September, French blue will be France’s first low-cost, long-haul company, and will serve the cheap sun destinations, such as Punta Cana or Mauritius. Read the article to find out more.

  • Life-saving aircraft parachutes

    Parachutes for private aircraft have existed for over thirty years. The US Company BRS Aerospace emergency systems have saved nearly 350 lives. Here’s how.

  • Germany to spot-check its pilots

    One year after the premeditated Germanwings Airbus A320 crash, Germany has drawn lessons from the disaster, and will set up random checks of its airline pilots.

  • The different options when an airline buys a plane

    When an airline buys a plane, it must make choices about the cabin layout, paint, and sometimes the engines. We undertook a short, but detailed review of the main options available to them.

  • Laser attacks on pilots

    Over the last ten years, incidents of aircraft being targeted by laser beams have multiplied. The latest was on 14 February at London Heathrow Airport, when a pilot who had been temporarily blinded just after take-off had to turn the plane around.

  • Lufthansa officially takes delivery of the A320neo

    On 12 February, Airbus delivered the first A320neo to Lufthansa. The German national airline has ordered a total of 116 A320neo’s and A321neo’s. Watch the video without audio commentary.

  • The most watched 2015 video reports in the air transport category

    aeronewstv is offering the possibility of viewing, or re-viewing, five of the most watched 2015 aviation video reports in the following categories: Industry, Lifestyle, Transport, Events and Employment. Today, the air transport category.

  • Orly airport facade by French fashion designer Castelbajac

    We went to meet the French fashion designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who has designed a monumental work of art recently incorporated into the glass curtain walling facade of Paris Orly airport. It is a collection of multiple drawings and images covering 34,000 square feet (3,200 m2) that illustrate memorable moments in the lives of passengers and employees.

  • Satellite tracking of civil aircraft soon in place

    Following the disappearance of flight MH370 in March 2014, it has just been decided to monitor civil aircraft flights by satellite. All commercial aircraft throughout the world will be able to be located with this system by 2017. Here’s how.

  • European passenger data file to be adopted

    In early 2016, the European Parliament is due to adopt definitively the European Passenger Name Record (PNR). This common data file will be a new tool available to the 28 member states in the fight against the terrorist threat in particular.

  • Fog slows air traffic, but why?

    In foggy weather conditions flights are often delayed, but do you know why? We spoke to an air traffic controller in order to find out the reasons that lead to poor visibility resulting in slower air traffic.

  • False bomb threats on three Air France planes

    False bomb threats last night forced two Air France planes from the United States to divert, one to Salt Lakee City, the other to Halifax in Canada. Air France are maintaining their flight schedules.

  • Paris attacks : French airports under surveillance

    After the terrorist attacks of last Friday in Paris, surveillance of sensitive locations such as airports has intensified. 10,000 soldiers have been mobilized across France for safety reasons.

  • Controls strengthened at airports in France

    The terrorist attacks on Saturday night in Paris and on its outskirts have left at least 132 dead and over 350 wounded. A state of emergency has been declared in France, and controls strengthened at airports.

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