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Toutes les vidéos de l'édition : « Safety »

  • Safety and security, what’s the difference?

    Safety and security are two very different concepts. Yet both are often confused, as demonstrated in this video we recorded at an airport. We provide you with the answer related to aviation.

  • Paris attacks : French airports under surveillance

    After the terrorist attacks of last Friday in Paris, surveillance of sensitive locations such as airports has intensified. 10,000 soldiers have been mobilized across France for safety reasons.

  • What is the thickness of a commercial aircraft window?

    In a previous In Your Opinion we gave you the reason for the small hole in the windows of airplanes. Today we focus on the thickness of the glazing. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Overflying: the zones that airlines avoid

    Following the Metrojet crash on 31 October in the Sinai Peninsula, several companies have decided not to fly over northeastern Egypt, an area which has just been added to the ICAO "black list" of countries that are better avoided.

  • E-cigarettes banned from aircraft hold

    Following several incidents in recent months, electronic cigarettes are now strictly forbidden in the hold of an aircraft. E-cigarette users must keep them in the cabin - switched off of course.

  • Aircraft and UAV’s priority: detection and avoidance

    To avoid drones and airplanes colliding, research is being intensified to try and establish concrete solutions to the problem. The French national school of civil aviation together with a drone manufacturer have even made it one of their priorities.

  • What is a high-lift device ?

    The question this week : What is a high-lift device ? Find the answer at the end of the video.

  • Border control, Thales scans your eyes

    In order to facilitate, secure and accelerate passenger controls at borders, Thales has developed a trustworthy system - but keep your eyes wide open.

  • Remote controlled airport: legal or not ?

    Since the end of April, the Swedish airport of Örnsköldsvik traffic has been controlled by air traffic controllers, 150 kilometres (95 miles) away. But is this practice allowed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) ?

  • Aircraft abnormal descent alert radar

    Two months after the crash of the A320 Germanwings, we take a closer look at a radar used in Germany, the PSS. This system is a highly responsive means of warning air traffic controllers in the event of an aircraft’s abnormal descent.

  • EASA directives and recommendations : their basic differences

    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issues 200 recommendations and 500 directives each year, but what are the main differences between them ? The following is a brief overview.

  • "Rule of Two'' : Passengers' opinions

    We asked you your opinions about the rule of two crew members permanently in the cockpit adopted by many airlines after the crash of March 24th.

  • "Rule of two" in cockpit, soon be the norm

    Following the crash of the Germanwings A320 a number of airlines have taken the decision to impose a "Rule of two" permanently in the cockpit.

  • ETOPS certification under the microscope

    Have you ever asked yourself, during a transatlantic flight for example, why the twin-engined ‘plane you are in does not fly directly to your destination by flying the shortest distance possible. Well it's a question of ETOPS.

  • Southampton Airport's laser scarecrow

    At around 60 miles south of London, Southampton Airport is a pioneer of wildlife hazard prevention in Britain. Exit the electro-acoustic devices, long-range rockets or even pellet guns to fight against bird problems at the airport.


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