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  • Egyptair: Skyjacking ends peacefully

    The skyjacker who diverted an Egyptair Airbus A320 on 29 March finally gave himself up on the Cyprus airport tarmac. The man, whose motives were personal, was wearing a fake explosives belt. Read the article.

  • Brussels terrorist attacks: a black day

    Early this morning, 22 March, Brussels airport and the city’s underground transportation system were bombed. The result of these terrorist attacks is heavy, with several tens of people having been killed. We review this black day.

  • Explosions at Brussels airport

    Two explosions occurred this morning around 8 am at Brussels Zaventem Airport. The airport is completely closed. There are victims, and the emergency services are at the scene. Watch the video and read the article.

  • Life-saving aircraft parachutes

    Parachutes for private aircraft have existed for over thirty years. The US Company BRS Aerospace emergency systems have saved nearly 350 lives. Here’s how.

  • ATEX drone’s first delivery to a liquid gas tanker

    In late January, the first drone certified to operate in explosive environments, delivered a parcel to the crew of a Maersk group liquid gas tanker. A world first. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Germany to spot-check its pilots

    One year after the premeditated Germanwings Airbus A320 crash, Germany has drawn lessons from the disaster, and will set up random checks of its airline pilots.

  • De-icing an airplane

    When snow or freezing temperatures arrive, de-icing aircraft is essential. For what reasons? What product is used? Where is it applied? Come and see at Montreal airport.

  • Laser attacks on pilots

    Over the last ten years, incidents of aircraft being targeted by laser beams have multiplied. The latest was on 14 February at London Heathrow Airport, when a pilot who had been temporarily blinded just after take-off had to turn the plane around.

  • When air traffic gets the wind up

    Sometimes in bad weather, such as high winds, airliners are completed grounded; but above what speed ? Who makes the decision? Does the limit fixed, depend on the type of aircraft?

  • Electronics engineers contribute to aviation safety

    Applications to the ENAC (French national school of civil aviation) electronics engineers entry exam close on 18 February. The profession is multi-faceted and contributes to aviation safety.

  • Ejection seats do save lives

    In the event of a serious incident in the air with fighter aircraft, use of ejection seats, is the only way to stay alive, and have saved nearly 700 pilots. SEMMB, world leader in the sector, who also produces the Rafale seat, opened their doors to us.

  • What are the "Remove before flight" ribbons for?

    "Remove before flight" ribbons are used as safety warnings for quick and easy visual location, seen on removable aircraft components, typically in the form of a reb ribbon and installed when the aircraft is on the ground.

  • European passenger data file to be adopted

    In early 2016, the European Parliament is due to adopt definitively the European Passenger Name Record (PNR). This common data file will be a new tool available to the 28 member states in the fight against the terrorist threat in particular.

  • A closer look at a little known engineering training course

    The profession of Engineer in Air Traffic Safety Electronics is little known. Being responsible for installing, checking and developing aeronautical equipment related to Air Traffic safety, the IESSA is indispensable and ENAC trains thirty each year.

  • Fog slows air traffic, but why?

    In foggy weather conditions flights are often delayed, but do you know why? We spoke to an air traffic controller in order to find out the reasons that lead to poor visibility resulting in slower air traffic.


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