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  • American Airlines, behemoth of the heavens

    As a result of their merger with US Airways 18 months ago, the new American Airlines is now undoubtedly the largest airline in the world and intends to remain so.

  • La Compagnie democratises Business Class

    A year after the launch of their Paris - New York route, La Compagnie, the airline which offers low-cost, long-haul Business Class flights, has opened another, so we decided to see where they stand now, and what they envisage for the future.

  • A380 : ten years old already

    On 27th April 2005, the A380 took off for the first time. Since then, more than 150 super-jumbo’s roam the planet. An A380, takes off or lands, every four minutes. But last year, orders stagnated.

  • ADP has big plans for Roissy

    In late January, Paris Airports (Aéroports de Paris - ADP), revealed a plan to invest more than three billion euros over five years, notably for Paris’ Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. Their objective being to to remain a reference international airport equal to, or better than, its competitors, Heathrow, Frankfurt and Dubai.

  • 2014 Retrospective in two minutes flat

    As is customary each year end, it’s time to take stock ! In the aviation world, 2014 was marked by both good and bad news. Here’s an accelerated flashback in two minutes flat…

  • Norwegian launches transatlantic low-cost flights

    This is a small revolution in the sector. 0n 2nd., July, Norwegian, the fastest growing European low-cost airline, launched their transatlantic flights at unbeatable prices. The price: 250 euros, one way, by Boeing 787, between London and Los Angeles, New York or Fort Lauderdale...

  • Swiss offers a dream job

    If you have the soul of a globetrotter, this job might well interest you. Swiss International Air Lines will soon be recruiting an explorer. During the six months fixed-term contract, the lucky person will, for a salary and all expenses paid, visit 26 destinations.

  • The Expliseat seat soon on Air Méditerranée

    When we discovered it a year ago, this seat, developed by the French company Expliseat, was still at the prototype stage. It was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency in June 2013 and even found a buyer. On Tuesday 4 June, the name of the first customer was unveiled.

  • Rising unruliness on board, new regulations possible...

    According to a study by the International Air Transport Association, cases of onboard unruliness multiplied by 12 between 2007 and 2011. Cigarettes lit in the toilets, insults against crew members, physical assaults or attempted intrusions into the cockpit; today more than 6,000 in-flight incidents.

  • The new American Airlines has arrived !

    As from today, 9th., December, American Airlines and U.S. Airways are now a single entity. An amicable settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice having been found, the new American Airlines thus becomes the world's No. 1 in the industry... 

  • Emirates launches its own longest A380 flight !

    Emirates has just launched a new A380 route lasting over 16 hours between Dubai and Los Angeles on December 2. It is today the longest regular commercial flight in the world.

  • Shedding light on flight safety instructions

    No matter the destination, before each take-off and landing in an airplane, we should all observe the safety instructions. Some are obvious, but others may be less so. A Europe Airpost purser explains.

  • Swiss eagerly await their first CS100...

    With the first successful flight of the CS100, on September 16 at Mirabel in Canada, the future Swiss acquisition is now at hand. The Swiss company has ordered a total of 30 CS-100’s.

  • How does a plane get its stripes?

    Before being delivered to a client, commercial aircraft have to get painted according the airline’s livery. This process can take from 6 to 13 days to complete depending on the type of aircraft. Close immersion in STTS, a specialized group that paints around a hundred aircraft a year.

  • Asia's great leap forward

    With 88 million passengers in 2012, Atlanta airport in the United States is still the busiest in the world. But for how long? Beijing’s airport may well change things.


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