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  • Safran to recruit over 4,000 staff in 2017

    Safran Group announced a turnover of nearly 16 billion Euros in 2016 and recruited 7,000 staff. The equipment manufacturer intends to recruit 4,200 more staff this year.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace’s strategic steps in India

    Liebherr-Aerospace has opened its first office in India. This installation in the aerospace hub of Bangalore will enable the aircraft equipment manufacturer to reinforce contacts with local airlines and suppliers in a region of the world undergoing dynamic growth.

  • Safran launches €10bn bid for Zodiac Aerospace

    French giant Safran group has begun exclusive negotiations for a friendly takeover of Zodiac Aerospace. The move was announced at a press conference on Thursday in Paris to explain the €9.7 bn merger that will create the world’s second largest supplier of aircraft equipment. Read our news article.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace's vibration test bench shakes it up

    Liebherr-Aerospace has invested 1.4 million Euros in a new vibration system. The test bench will enable the original equipement manufacturer (OEM) to internally certify its air conditioning packs. aeronewstv had a sneak preview.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace doubles size of Shanghai maintenance centre

    Liebherr-Aerospace has doubled the size of its Shanghai-based maintenance centre to 40,000 sq ft (3,700m2), in an effort to respond to the growing needs of its clients in China.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace: titanium components for Airbus A350

    Under increasing pressure to reduce weight and deliver cost savings with ever-lighter aircraft, Liebherr-Aerospace has invested in the manufacture of titanium parts. In its German factory in Lindenberg, the aeronautical equipment manufacturer is producing vital components for the A350’s landing gear.

  • Why is Safran selling its I&S subsidiary, ex-Morpho?

    Safran is selling its Identity and Security, ex-Morpho, to the American fund Advent International, who own Oberthur Technologies. The transaction will be finalised in 2017. But why would they do this considering that the security sector is in full bloom? Read the article.

  • Additive manufacturing: Liebherr-Aerospace makes a big impression

    Liebherr-Aerospace, the aerospace equipment manufacturer, began additive layer manufacturing six years ago. They presented the fruits of their labours at the recent ILA Berlin Air Show.

  • Safran’s subsidiaries acquire new names

    In order to become more legible and visible in their various markets the ten companies in the Safran Group officially changed their names on 19 May. Snecma, for example becomes Safran Aircraft Engines.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace’s new repair capability premises in US

    The aerospace supplier Liebherr-Aerospace has inaugurated a new 35,000 square feet (3,200 m2) service centre in Saline, northern United States, dedicated to air-conditioning pack exchanger repairs.

  • Safran to continue recruiting in 2016

    In 2015, the Safran Group recruited 7,700 people. The aerospace and aircraft equipment manufacturer and supplier now has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and also posted excellent financial results.

  • Ejection seats do save lives

    In the event of a serious incident in the air with fighter aircraft, use of ejection seats, is the only way to stay alive, and have saved nearly 700 pilots. SEMMB, world leader in the sector, who also produces the Rafale seat, opened their doors to us.

  • Alkan, world expert in dropping bombs

    Alkan is one of the few global specialists for carriage, release and ejection systems of missiles or bombs on fighter aircraft and attack helicopters. We dropped in on this French SME which exports its equipment to 60 countries.

  • Singapore, the hub for aircraft maintenance in Asia

    On the occasion of the dedicated aircraft maintenance and repair trade show in Singapore, we spotlight the German supplier Liebherr-Aerospace, who has an already well established centre here dedicated to this crisis-free sector.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace converting to electromechanical actuators

    Actuators are mechanisms that connect the cockpit controls to various moving parts of the aircraft, thus controlling its movements. Today they are hydraulic, but Liebherr-Aerospace is working on a mini-revolution : electro-mechanical actuators.

  • The world of rivets for aviation

    For a hundred years, the Ateliers de Haute-Garonne ( AHG ) workshops have been manufacturing specialised bolts, screws and fasteners for aircraft. The company produces more than two billion rivets annually for aircraft manufacturers.

  • Safran’s Toulouse site in finishing phase

    Since the start of construction a year ago, the Safran’s future Toulouse site (south west France) is well advanced. In less than six months, 1,400 employees will move into their new 269,000 square feet (25,000 m2) offices.

  • Simair develops thanks to modular galleys

    Simair, the aeronautical supplier, manufacturers galleys; i.e. kitchen furniture for aircraft at their Rochefort site (western France). An activity, which represents 25% of their overall turnover based on the modularity of their aircraft cabin equipment.

  • Zodiac Aerospace’s tête-à-tête concept for passengers

    Since 2013, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Zodiac Aerospace, have been working on a concept of Economy Class seats to say the least original; it saves space at all levels. Here’s how.

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