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Video - After Amazon, Google tackles deliveries by drone

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- "Hallo Nick, yes, hi, it’s Niels here. Could I order for some dog food for my dogs, please ?’’

This summer, Australian farmers were able to experience having chocolate or dry dog food delivered directly to their homes by air. After the Amazon project, it’s Google’s turn to try tackling home deliveries by drone. Called "Project Wing", the American Internet giant carried out tests over a two-week period this summer in rural Queensland, northeast Australia.

After two years of research in its laboratories, Google has just developed this five-foot rotor diametre vertical takeoff quadricopter U.A.V.

By means of its onboard winch it can deliver small parcels, weighing less than two kilos (4 1/2 lbs) - gently - even into the Aussi outback. Fast and ecological, these drones could also be used to provide assistance to disaster victims following an earthquake or a hurricane, for example.

Although the tests have proved conclusive, the developers wil,l nevertheless, have to remain patient. Commercial use of these drones will not happen for at least two years. Next up for Google: full-scale tests in urban areas.

Amazon meanwhile, is continuing with the development of its ‘‘Delivery drones’’. The giant on-line company is already on its ninth prototype ; however, faced with the refusal of the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to allow the them to carry out outdoor test flights within the United States, the company is now considering India as a destination for their MINI flying test bed trials.

The revolution in home deliveries is already up and running.

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