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  • Falcon 8X sets off to woo first customers worldwide

    On 4 April, at le Bourget Airport, France, the first Falcon 8X, incorporating a superb cabin layout, took-off for New York, just a few minutes after our tour of the interior.

  • Boeing B-52’s distinguishing features

    Developed by Boeing, the B-52 Stratofortress entered service in 1955. Still in service, this American bomber is unconventional in many ways, and easily recognizable.

  • Boeing plans 4,000 job cuts

    Being more competitive than their rival Airbus, is what has motivated Boeing to reduce their workforce by July. The airframer’s Commercial Airplanes Division intends reducing their payroll from 82,000 to 78,000 employees.

  • Nothing bugs these NASA’s scientists

    The US space agency is developing a coating for better aircraft air penetration, with the aim of reducing airline fuel bills. The bug hunt is open.

  • Single-engined two-seater Sonaca 200 now on sale

    The Belgian plane manufacturer, Sonaca Aircraft, has officially launched its single-engined two-seater, the Sonaca 200 onto the market. The aircraft is designed for the flight school and leisure markets. Watch the exclusive video and read the article.

  • Robotic landing gear equipped helicopter

    To take-off or land a helicopter today needs a flat, stable surface, but that may soon change. US studies are being undertaken with a view to develop a rotorcraft with articulated landing gear. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Bell Helicopter’s deluxe 525 Relentless

    After its maiden flight last July, the Bell 525 Relentless test flight programme is well under way, with a third prototype due to enter the scene within the coming weeks.

  • ATEX drone’s first delivery to a liquid gas tanker

    In late January, the first drone certified to operate in explosive environments, delivered a parcel to the crew of a Maersk group liquid gas tanker. A world first. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Diamond Aircraft’s latest : the DA62

    The Austrian company, Diamond Aircraft’s, all-new light-piston twin, DA62 marketing has begun. The manufacturers compare their elegantly sculpted aircraft to a "luxury flying SUV".

  • Boeing’s new futuristic non-microbial toilet

    High-tech toilets for sanitised aircraft, is what Boeing engineers have just developed. Inside, there are lots of touchless technologies and ultraviolet rays. And in only three seconds 99.99% of microbes are destroyed.

  • Supersonic jet race continues

    NASA has just awarded twenty million dollars to Lockheed Martin for the development of a greener, and quieter, supersonic airliner than Concorde, to be added to the many other projects already underway.

  • A solar drone for eight-hour assignments

    The start-up Sunbirds, has just developed a drone capable of long duration assignments with wing integrated solar cells; a solar drone designed with agriculture and monitoring of large infrastructural networks in mind.

  • ArcaBoard: a hovering skateboard

    Arca Space Corporation, headquartered in New Mexico (USA), is preparing to market the ArcaBoard, a hovering skateboard, which can be used to move around over land or water at a speed of up to 12 mph (20 km/h).

  • Embraer’s E190 and E190-E2: what differentiates them?

    On 25 February, in São José dos Campos, Brazil, Embraer introduced their E190-E2 regional jet, whose entry into service is scheduled for 2018; but what are the main differences between this version and the current E190? A very brief overview follows.

  • Safran to continue recruiting in 2016

    In 2015, the Safran Group recruited 7,700 people. The aerospace and aircraft equipment manufacturer and supplier now has more than 70,000 employees worldwide and also posted excellent financial results.

  • Airbus A380 attains break-even point

    Airbus Group announced at their annual conference, on 24 February, that fifteen years after its launch, the A380 programme break-even point had been attained in 2015.

  • Richard Branson unveils second space shuttle

    On Friday, 19 February, at Mojave in California, Virgin Galactic unveiled their new spaceship, and with it, the dream of commercial space flight has been revived. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Which came first, the drone or the PowerEgg?

    The PowerEgg is another Chinese drone whose design should not leave anyone indifferent. Its marketing is expected within weeks. Read the article. Watch the video.

  • Flight simulator for military drones lands on the market

    With the rise of the military UAV market through the world, the need for drone operators will increase. To train them, Silkan, a French SME, has developed a high-tech flight simulator that adapts to all types of drones.

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