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  • Peugeot Design Lab serves aviation

    Since 2012, Peugeot Design Lab’s automotive designers have been involved with several aviation projects, having designed an airplane seat and the exterior design of a new helicopter. Come and take a closer look.

  • Embraer E190-E2’s maiden flight

    On 23 May, Embraer’s new regional jet, the E190-E2, carried out its maiden flight from São José dos Campos, Brazil. Entry into service is planned for 2018. Watch the video of the flight, and read the article.

  • Flyboard Air: the hoverboard you've been dreaming about

    A flying, or hover board, is the futuristic project that the former Jet Ski world champion, Franky Zapata, is working on. Dubbed the Flyboard Air, the machine is undergoing real flight-testing.

  • Boeing’s $1 billion B777X wings production plant opened

    Boeing has just inaugurated a new composite wings production factory for their future B777X. The US aircraft manufacturer has ploughed over one billion dollars into the building in Everett (USA). Read the article and watch the time-lapse video of the facility’s construction.

  • Safran’s subsidiaries acquire new names

    In order to become more legible and visible in their various markets the ten companies in the Safran Group officially changed their names on 19 May. Snecma, for example becomes Safran Aircraft Engines.

  • The Super Puma family tree

    After the crash of a Super Puma H225 in Norway late April, we found it not easy to differentiate the various helicopters that make up the Airbus Helicopters' Super Puma family; Here’s the history.

  • A320neo’s: Dozens await Pratt & Whitney engines

    Dozens of brand new A320neo’s destined for IndiGo, Viva Aerobus, China Southern, Spirit, and Qatar Airways in Toulouse and Hamburg await their Pratt & Whitney engines. The American engine manufacturer is encountering several technical problems.

  • Tom Enders at the Perlan II stratospheric glider controls

    On 7th May at Minden-Tahoe Airport (USA), the head of Airbus Group conducted a test flight in the Perlan II high altitude glider, which this summer will attempt a flight to the stratosphere, at 17 miles (27 km) altitude.

  • Unorthodox dismantling of an airplane

    A UTair airline Yak-40 domestic aircraft chewed up by an excavator is the unorthodox way chosen to dismantle an end-of-life aircraft in Russia. Watch the video, and read the article.

  • Japan’s X-2 prototype stealth fighter’s maiden flight

    Japan’s X-2 prototype stealth fighter carried out its maiden flight on 22 April. An advanced technology demonstrator jet, which may be used to incorporate new technologies for future Japanese fighter aircraft. Watch the video and read the article.

  • Liebherr-Aerospace’s new repair capability premises in US

    The aerospace supplier Liebherr-Aerospace has inaugurated a new 35,000 square feet (3,200 m2) service centre in Saline, northern United States, dedicated to air-conditioning pack exchanger repairs.

  • jetBlue takes delivery of first US built Airbus

    The first Airbus assembled on American soil, in Mobile, Alabama, has been delivered to the low-cost airline jetBlue, and in so doing establishes a new milestone for Airbus.

  • Urgent engine repair for 176 Boeing 787

    The latest version of the General Electric engines of the Boeing 787 has the possibility of shutting down in flight. The US Federal Aviation Administration has just issued an airworthiness directive to resolve the problem.

  • Jet engines: why evermore larger fans?

    On commercial aircraft in the last decade, the trend has been toward wider jet engines with diameters increased by 6 to 20 inches (15 to 50 cm). Why? To consume and pollute less.

  • Russia to modernise its imposing Tu-160 bomber

    After a 24-year break, production of a modernised version of the Russian Tupolev Tu-160 is due to begin, with a rejuvenation of the world’s largest supersonic bomber.

  • First series-production LEAP engines delivered to Airbus

    The first two LEAP production engines for the A320neo were delivered on 15 April to Airbus. The first plane equipped with this engine should enter service sometime in June.

  • "Drone-Chainsaw" massacre

    Finnish farmers have just developed the "Killer Drone". An octocopter to which a chainsaw is attached, giving it the capability of doing a lot of damage. Watch this terrifying video, and read the article.

  • Volocopter VC200’s first manned flight

    On 30 March, the Volocopter VC200 executed its first manned flight. The test-pilot was able to verify the manoeuvrability of the electric multi-rotor in the air and test two important functions.

  • Clean Sky Forum: research and innovation a top priority

    The annual conference of Clean Sky, the European research programme that aims to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft by 2020, was recently held in Brussels. The priority is synergy between industry and research.

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