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  • China eyes global market after Comac C919 maiden flight

    China’s homegrown Comac C919 passenger jet successfully completed its first test flight on 5th May in Shanghai, paving the way to compete in the global aviation market with aircraft manufacturing giants, Boeing and Airbus. Watch the first images.

  • Lilium's vertical lift jet to join flying taxi ranks

    First electric, zero emission air taxis moved a step closer as Lilium Aviation revealed it has successfully carried out flight tests on a new VTOL aircraft prototype over the skies of Germany. Watch the video.

  • World’s biggest plane, Stratolaunch, may fly this year

    The world’s biggest plane, the Stratolaunch, may be flying by the end of the year. The giant twin-fuselage aircraft will act as a low cost air launch platform, but can also carry cargo with a range of 1,300 miles

  • Boeing 787-10 makes its first dash across the skies

    Boeing’s 787-10, the largest of its Dreamliners, successfully completed its first test flight on Friday, 31st March. The long-haul jet, which can carry 330 passengers over 6,400 miles (11,900 km), will now undergo a test programme before deliveries begin next year.

  • Hong Kong helicopter in 'frozen blades' landing

    An Airbus Helicopter lands with its main rotor blocked at a heliport in Hong Kong. Is it a new machine? No, it’s an optical illusion spinning us a surreal scene. We'll explain.

  • Latecoere unveils new generation aircraft door

    Latecoere explains its new electric aircraft doors, designed to improve safety and technical problems associated with operating current mechanical doors.

  • NASA completes Flight Tests of Air Traffic Tool

    A NASA-led team successfully completed flight tests of a new air traffic tool aimed at maximizing efficiency, and making flights more punctual for passengers. Watch our video and read the article to find out more.

  • Airbus unveils Pop.Up flying car

    Airbus unveiled its modular ground and air concept car at the International Motor Show in Geneva. The revolutionary Pop.Up vehicle is designed to reduce emissions and beat congestion by taking to the city skies. Watch the video without comment and read our article to find out more.

  • Bell Helicopter creates a buzz with FCX concept

    Bell Helicopters stirred things up at the Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas, on March 7th, as it unveiled the FCX helicopter – its vision for the future.

  • Sonaca 200 en route to certification

    Sonaca 200, the brand new single-engine two-seat general aviation aircraft, is slated to obtain European certification in September, with first deliveries expected at the end of the year.

  • FAA certification: Leonardo's AW169 helicopter eyeing new US horizons

    Italian group Leonardo’s AW169 helicopter has achieved FAA validation, and can expect to begin deliveries to the US later this year. The news comes 18 months after the 4.6 metric tons machine, capable of carrying up to ten passengers, obtained its European certification.

  • BO105 Helicopter celebrates 50 years of loops

    The BO105 light helicopter took off for the first time on February 16th, 1967. Developed by the German manufacturer MBB, precursor to Airbus Helicopters, this twin-engine is extremely maneuverable and capable of performing acrobatic loops.

  • Scorpion 3: Hoversurf’s flying motorbike edges towards starting blocks

    Russian company Hoversurf has been riding ahead with plans for a flying motorbike since 2013. This hybrid machine capable of flying 30 feet (10 m) above the ground for half an hour is currently being tested in flight. So when will it be on the market? Later this year, if the manufacturer’s optimistic schedule is to be believed.

  • Safran to recruit over 4,000 staff in 2017

    Safran Group announced a turnover of nearly 16 billion Euros in 2016 and recruited 7,000 staff. The equipment manufacturer intends to recruit 4,200 more staff this year.

  • Airbus A320 celebrates its 30th birthday

    The first A320 took off on its maiden voyage on 22nd February 1987 from Toulouse (south western France). Three decades later, the single-aisle jet has become the second best-selling aircraft in the world. Let’s glance back at this European success story.

  • What’s this bizarre road-machine used by Boeing?

    To transport large aircraft parts to its plant in Everett, Washington, Boeing uses a strange road-machine. Equipped with ten wheels but no brakes or indicator lights, it’s a directional vehicle - known as a ‘steer car’ - positioned at the back of exceptional convoys.

  • The Swiss light helicopter SKYe SH09 lives up to its ambitions

    The SKYe SH09 helicopter was launched ten years ago by Swiss company Marenco Swisshelicopter. With its sleek design, this full carbon, single-turbine light helicopter has been undergoing full flight testing since late 2014. European deliveries are expected in 2018.

  • Boeing 787: a growing family

    Boeing has introduced the 787-10 Dreamliner, the newest and longest member of its 787 family. Measuring 224 ft (68 m), the aircraft will carry 330 passengers over a range of 6,430 nautical miles (11,900 km) by 2018. Watch the video without comment. Read the article to find out what distinguishes it from its two siblings.

  • CFM International launches transition process from CFM56 to LEAP

    The world’s best-selling aircraft engine, the CFM56, is to be slowly phased out by the new LEAP engine. In order to ensure a smooth transition, CFM International is adapting its production - a process the Franco-American engine manufacturer has just started.

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