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  • Singapore Airshow: a little lacklustre, but...

    Despite appearances, the Singapore Airshow lacked a little sparkle. The result being that, at the end of this 4th edition, professionals of the sector are leaving, on balance, with mixed impressions. The "shower of orders" predicted by some simply did not take place - apart from a few confirmed orders...

  • Singapore Airshow : demonstrations of force !

    On the last day reserved for professionals of the aeronautics world, we can say that "it's going well" for Messier-Bugatti-Dowty. The subsidiary of the Safran group, and longtime partner of Boeing, have just been selected by the latter to provide the wheels and carbon brakes on the 737MAX...

  • Singapore Airshow : performances “at all levels”…

    Halfway through the four days dedicated to the sector professionals, the Singapore Airshow had some surprises in reserve - beginning with a flight demonstration of Singapore's airforce aerobatic team, which this year celebrates its 45th., anniversary, and during which, the public were astounded at the "Black Knights ", mastery of their six F-16's !

  • Singapore Airshow: visits with orders to follow...

    aeronewstv is official partner of the Singapore Airshow 2014. On the first day of the Singapore Airshow, officials followed one another around in quick succession. Lui Tuck Yew, Singapore's Minister of Transport, boarded an MV-22 Osprey helicopter, the Sukhoi SSJ-100 and the A350, followed by Qatar's Dreamliner, whilst the Minister of Defence, Ng Eng Hen, went to meet manufacturers on the exhibition stands...

  • Singapore Airshow, and, “Action !”...

    aeronewstv is official partner of the Singapore Airshow 2014. This weekend, at the Changi Exhibition centre, a press conference was being held with the organizers to present this new edition of the Singapore Airshow. At the same time behind the scenes, and with just a few hours left before the opening, personnel were frantically pulling out all the stops to complete the finishing touches...

  • A US firm specialized in aviation accident reconstruction

    This C.G.I. short film of the final seconds of Asiana Airlines flight 214 to San Francisco airport on July 6th., was created by Eyewitness Animations. This American company based in Pompano Beach, Florida is specialized in 3D C.G.I. (Computer-Generated Imagery) reconstructions of air accidents. Watch the video report...

  • Boeing 777X and Airbus A380 pick up mega orders in Dubai

    DUBAI SPECIAL As we know, the first day of an air show is often the most important. That of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates inaugurated on 17th November was however exceptional...

  • Will Boeing’s 777X clean up at Dubai ?

    Two days away from the opening of Dubai air show in the United Arab Emirates, and rumours are rife concerning Boeing. The American aircraft manufacturer might well take advantage of this 13th edition to officially launch its 777X and announce a significant number of orders.

  • AirVenture 2013: the big, big show !

    AirVenture 2013 at Oshkosh in the United States this year runs from July 29 to August 4. The biggest U.S. aircraft rally pulls in the crowds each time because it’s always chock full of surprises !

  • Air Tattoo: Let’s take a peek at the programme !

    Since its inception in 1971, the Air Tattoo in the UK has become the most important event dedicated to military aviation in the world ! There are just a few days before the 2013 edition, and this is what awaits you...

  • Bourget: it’s over !

    After the three general public days the 50th edition of the Paris Air Show has just closed its doors. On the menu during that time : a long official visit, drones and a stand to help you find a career in aeronautics…

  • The latest from Bourget !

    After 4 days reserved for professionals and the opening of the first day to the general public, it is time for the manufacturers to take stock, and for aviation enthusiasts to see the latest in the field…

  • Just great to watch...

    We love them for their design, for their size or for their manoeuvrability in the air. This June 21 we focus on the Air India 787, the British Airways A380, the Kamov-52 and the Fouga Magister...

  • Companies honoured at Bourget

    A new system to save fuel, awards in terms of comfort and safety, and aircraft orders : the airlines are celebrating on this third day of the show ! Details follow…

  • Russian aviation is back !

    After the 'heavyweights' and 'feather-weights', in the limelight today, June 20, are three aircraft that illustrate perfectly the return of russian aviation. Superb visuals follow…

  • The Stars of Paris Air Show

    New regional jets, a 100% electric plane and a man from another world... On the occasion of the second day of the Paris Air Show, we took a closer look at some of the stars !

  • Small, but putting on a great show !

    After the 'heavyweights' of the first day: the A400M, A380, Tiger, and Rafale ... close up on the 'feather-weights' who provided the spectacle in the Bourget sky !

  • Paris Air Show - it’s raining orders !

    With 2,215 exhibitors, 3,200 journalists and more than 350,000 visitors expected, the Paris Air show at le Bourget is undoubtedly the most important Aviation and Space event of the year. We review the first day of this 50th edition…

  • Show of force at Le Bourget

    In this 50th edition, forty aircraft perform daily flight demonstrations. One spectacular way for manufacturers to show off the potential of their aircraft in the air. Just take a look at these images !

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