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  • Boeing lays off over 400 engineers and mechanics

    As Boeing continues to downsize, further redundancies may affect non-union staff, after management issued 429 lay off notices to engineering and mechanical union staff in a second phase of involuntary redundancies.

  • Emirates launches pilot recruitment roadshow

    Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has launched its career recruitment roadshows around Europe, with four roadshows in the UK and Ireland at the end of March,aimed at commercial pilots.

  • The Airbus Group launches its Leadership University

    The Airbus group has just launched its Leadership University in Blagnac, near Toulouse (south-western France). The site is open to all employees and aims to maximise their leadership skills.

  • ENAC: two new Masters for aero executives

    The French National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) has just added two additional courses to their curriculae. One is a Masters in aircraft maintenance, the other in airlines operations. Both are open to people already employed.

  • Electronics engineers contribute to aviation safety

    Applications to the ENAC (French national school of civil aviation) electronics engineers entry exam close on 18 February. The profession is multi-faceted and contributes to aviation safety.

  • British high school student dreams of becoming a pilot

    George, a young high school student from London, wants to become an airline pilot. His dream, one day, is to fly a Boeing 777, but before that, he intends to enter the prestigious Cambridge University.

  • The most watched 2015 video reports in the employment category

    aeronewstv is offering the possibility of viewing, or re-viewing, five of the most watched 2015 aviation video reports in the employment category.

  • ENAC gets a facelift

    After that of Montpellier (southern France), the additions to the National School of Civil Aviation premises in Toulouse, consisting of a new building for students and staff is well under way.

  • A closer look at a little known engineering training course

    The profession of Engineer in Air Traffic Safety Electronics is little known. Being responsible for installing, checking and developing aeronautical equipment related to Air Traffic safety, the IESSA is indispensable and ENAC trains thirty each year.

  • ENAC launches aeronautical engineering degree in Hong Kong

    Next September, the French National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) will offer a joint Master of Science in Aeronautic Engineering. Two courses are offered.

  • ENAC instructor is World Precision Flying Champion

    Meet Damien Vadon an ENAC (the French National School of Civil Aviation) instructor and the world precision flying champion, who at 36, trains student pilots and instructors in teaching the discipline.

  • Boeing foresees enormous demand for pilots and technicians

    The aircraft manufacturer Boeing foresees a need for over a million pilots and maintenance technicians during the next twenty years. The Asia Pacific is at the top of the list with 40% of the needs.

  • ISAE-ENSMA, school of innovation

    Since 1948, ISAE-ENSMA has been training aeronautical engineers. By combining advanced research and teaching, the school allows its students to keep in close contact with innovation.

  • IPSA : an engineering school for aeronautics and space

    With demand for aeronautical engineers stronger than ever, the Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Sciences, IPSA, is increasing their classes. In Paris, or at its Toulouse campus, south western France, the school trains students over a period of five years for careers in aviation and aerospace.

  • Estaca launches Master’s degree in Aviation Maintenance

    In September 2015, Estaca, a French post high school engineering college, specializing in transport and mobility, will open its first specialized master’s degree in aircraft maintenance. This master aims to meet strong demand from the aerospace industrial sector in the area of operations and maintenance.

  • Safran opens its corporate university

    The phenomenon is not new but it is growing. The first corporate university dates from 1919 with General Motors, and since then a number of aerospace companies, such as Thales, Airbus Group, Boeing, and now Safran have followed suit. One way for these companies to maintain their employee skills at the highest level.

  • The aviation industry is still struggling to recruit some profiles

    As we know, the French aerospace industry is continually recruiting. This year the industry is expected to hire 10,000 people. The only problem is that the aeronautical small and medium enterprises (S.M.E’s.) have trouble finding some profiles such as cable installers, millwrights, welders or boilermakers.

  • ISAE: a pool of engineers for aerospace manufacturers

    On September 5th., the top executives of aerospace groups such Safran, Airbus Group and Zodiac Aerospace gathered together, very symbolically, in support of the development and internationalisation of the French Advanced Institute of Aeronautics and Space ( ISAE ).

  • Drone pilot Training

    Since 2012, the market for civilian drones in France has been booming. As proof, France now has twenty drone manufacturers and 400 organizations authorized to operate them. Consequently, companies that specialize in drone / U.A.V. pilot training are doing well. Since 2012, the market for civilian drones in France has been booming. As proof, France now has twenty drone manufacturers and 400 organizations authorized to operate them. Consequently, companies that specialize in drone / U.A.V. pilot training are doing well.

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