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Age of Drones Expo - Germany

Date : 12 March 2017
Lieu : Hamburg - Germany
Web site : http://www.ageofdrones-expo.com/

14-15 October 2016 in Hamburg, Germany will host the first Specialized Exhibition and Conference Age of Drones. The show will gather worldwide companies from the entire Drones supply chain with customers and end-users in Schuppen 52 Hamburg Expo Center.

The emergence of pilotless aircraft in Filming & Photography provides cutting-edge solutions for realization of creative ideas of film directors, saves money and does film-making process safer. That's why this autumn Events International, following the latest world trends, organizes the first International Age of Drones Expo with deep focus on Aerial drone cinematography.

The two-day event will feature an exhibit hall displaying a variety of drones and accessories for commercial applications in cinematography and photography. The first day of an expo will give a great opportunities for key companies of UAS industry to expand business connections.
Moreover, all participants will have a chance to visit specialized conference and find out the very latest news and trends of drones market. The second day is open for general public.

More than 60 exhibitors will gather in Hamburg to become a part of Age of Drones Expo.
• UAV manufacturers
• Component Suppliers
• Service Providers
• Software Developers
• Insurance Companies

We invite you to join a community of hundreds of leader manufacturers, end-users and decision makers in the commercial drone industry.

For more information, click on the site’s URL above.
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