Erte Bowen : signal processing specialist Published on 31/03/2015 05:00

Erte Bowen systems process flows of signals in aircraft. A domain in which innovation impelled the SME to grow.

  • Air Canada A320 makes spectacular runway excursion

    31/03/2015 04:00

    On March 29th an Air Canada Airbus A320 exited the runway while landing in Halifax. Of the 138 people onboard, 23 were slightly injured. An investigation has been launched by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation authority.

  • "Rule of two" in cockpit, soon be the norm

    30/03/2015 05:00

    Following the crash of the Germanwings A320 a number of airlines have taken the decision to impose a "Rule of two" permanently in the cockpit.

  • India’s first two upgraded Mirage 2000’s

    30/03/2015 04:55

    Dassault has delivered the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) first two upgraded Mirage 2000’s. The fighter has a new cockpit, improved radar, and more. This delivery is a good omen for the 126 Rafale contract at present under discussion with India.

  • Access to commercial aircraft cockpits overly secure ?

    27/03/2015 05:00

    The co-pilot of the Germanwings A320 was alone in the cockpit during the last eight minutes of flight 4U 9525. The captain had been absent and could not regain access. Does access to commercial aircraft cockpits require a little deciphering ?

  • Germanwings : Marseille Prosecutor’s press conference

    26/03/2015 18:00

    At a press conference held today (26th March), the prosecutor of Marseille (sourthern France), delivered the last elements of the investigation into the crash of the Germanwings Airbus A320. The hypothesis is that the first officer had "the will to destroy the aircraft".

  • Germanwings crash lastest new evidence

    26/03/2015 11:00

    According to the New York Times, one of the two pilots was outside the cockpit, and unable to regain access. According to the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) recording, he repeatedly knocked on the door, but without response.

  • Germanwings crash: what possible scenario ?

    26/03/2015 09:00

    A black box recovered, together with its cockpit voice recorder (CVR), damaged but usable, that, in essence, is the information with which we came away from the press conference organized by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), on 25th March.

  • Germanwings A320 crash as yet unexplained

    24/03/2015 19:30

    On 24th March, a Germanwings Airbus A320 with 150 people on board, crashed in the south of France, leaving no survivors.

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