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A Leonardo helicopter lands with its main rotor blocked at a heliport in Hong Kong. Is it a new machine? No, it’s an optical illusion spinning us a surreal scene. We'll explain.

  • Latecoere unveils new generation aircraft door

    Latecoere explains its new electric aircraft doors, designed to improve safety and technical problems associated with operating current mechanical doors.

  • Honeywell’s Boeing 757 fuselage outgrowth

    Honeywell, US aircraft engine manufacturer, has a surprising test aircraft with a strange outgrowth on the right-hand side of its forward fuselage. So what is it?

  • Fighter jet’s winning Formula 1

    Watch this video to relive the thrilling race between a Formula 1 racing driver and a RAAF fighter jet pilot ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in 2014.

  • NASA completes Flight Tests of Air Traffic Tool

    A NASA-led team successfully completed flight tests of a new air traffic tool aimed at maximizing efficiency, and making flights more punctual for passengers. Watch our video and read the article to find out more.

  • IATA chief: flying still safest form of travel, despite 2016 data

    Latest safety performance figures for 2016 released by IATA show a slight rise on the previous year, but an overall decline compared to the five year average.

  • Qatar Airways launches ‘honeymoon’ for business class

    Qatar claims to have ushered in a new standard in Business Class travel with the launch of its flexible QSuite at the Berlin’s ITB travel show.

  • Airbus unveils Pop.Up flying car

    Airbus unveiled its modular ground and air concept car at the International Motor Show in Geneva. The revolutionary Pop.Up vehicle is designed to reduce emissions and beat congestion by taking to the city skies. Watch the video without comment and read our article to find out more.

  • Bell Helicopter creates a buzz with FCX concept

    Bell Helicopters stirred things up at the Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas, on March 7th, as it unveiled the FCX helicopter – its vision for the future.

  • Emirates launches pilot recruitment roadshow

    Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has launched its career recruitment roadshows around Europe, with four roadshows in the UK and Ireland at the end of March,aimed at commercial pilots.

  • Sonaca 200 en route to certification

    Sonaca 200, the brand new single-engine two-seat general aviation aircraft, is slated to obtain European certification in September, with first deliveries expected at the end of the year.

  • FAA certification: Leonardo's AW169 helicopter eyeing new US horizons

    Italian group Leonardo’s AW169 helicopter has achieved FAA validation, and can expect to begin deliveries to the US later this year. The news comes 18 months after the 4.6 metric tons machine, capable of carrying up to ten passengers, obtained its European certification.

  • Where's the world's tallest control tower?

    All airports are equipped with a control tower to manage air traffic on the platform. But do you know where the highest tower is and how tall it is? Watch the video without comment to find out more. Read the answer in our article.

  • Flybe Bombardier Q400’s crash landing in Amsterdam

    A Bombardier Q400 flown by Britain’s low-cost Flybe airline crash landed on 23rd February at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport (Netherlands). The right landing gear collapsed on impact as the plane violently hit the runway, with the twin turboprop skidding several hundred feet. Watch the video without commentary. Read the article to find out more.

  • BO105 Helicopter celebrates 50 years of loops

    The BO105 light helicopter took off for the first time on February 16th, 1967. Developed by the German manufacturer MBB, precursor to Airbus Helicopters, this twin-engine is extremely maneuverable and capable of performing acrobatic loops.

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